Spatial Imaging Scanners

Spatial Imaging Scanners

Spatial Imaging Scanners provide solutions for the collection, processing and analysis of geo-referenced images and point clouds.

By combing scanners, aerial and land-mobile sensor systems with digital photogrammetry, terrain modeling, image analysis, change detection and feature extraction office software, Spatial Imaging Scanners provide complete solutions for all your geospatial needs.

Trimble Spatial Scanners provide an impressive selection of spatial imaging solutions for the surveying and geospatial industries. Trimble spatial stations capture shapes, details, and coordinates with integrated video, 3D scanning and precision positioning technology. Trimble 3D scanners can quickly capture millions of coordinates to provide terrestrial positioning data with pinpoint accuracy. Surveyors and geospatial engineers rely on Trimble spatial imaging solutions on a daily basis as their reputation is second to none. If you’re looking for top-notch surveying and geospatial instruments that make your work easier then look no further than Trimble

Topcon Spatial Scanners. Spatio-spectral scanning combines some advantages of spatial and spectral scanning: Depending on the context of application, one can choose between a mobile and a stationary platform. Moreover, each image is a spatial map of the scene, facilitating pointing, focusing, and data analysis. This is particularly valuable for irregular or irretrievable scanning movements. Being based on dispersion, spatio-spectral scanning systems yield high spatial and spectral resolution.

Leica Spatial Scanners Laser Scanning is an emerging technology in the arena of capturing or measurement of spatial data. Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Archeologists, Contractors and Forensic Professionals can all benefit from the increased speed and accuracy, added safety aspect, reduction of re-work or return visits and reduced facility downtime.