Trimble Mensi GS200

* Trimble Mensi GS200 Spatial Scanner 3D Laser System [ID- X1078]
* Trimble GS Mensi Power Box
* RJ45 To RJ45 Cable
* 25 Pin Cable P/N: DOC68
* Hi-Flex-Cy Cable P/N: A6-542
* Cebec Kema-Keur 360.75mm2 Cable
* Trimble Pointscape 3.2 Software
* Tripod
* Allen Wrench
* Protective Cover
* Power Cord
* Hard Carrying Case

Trimble GS200 3D Laser Scanning System Version w/ Tripod & Trimble PointScape 3.2 SoftwareTrimble GS200 3D Laser Scanner

The Trimble® GS Series™ 3D Scanner captures coordinates and texture
data through leading edge technology and unique features, creating
opportunities for surveying activities not possible with traditional
methods or low performance scanners. The GS Series offers
extreme versatility to meet the challenges of many existing and new
market opportunities. It guarantees data sets that underpin advanced
and compelling deliverables via Trimble’s 3D data-editing office

Mensi GS200

Some of the powerful features offered by the GS Series include
motorized indoor and outdoor scanning through 360°, and optimized
performance up to 200 m (Trimble GS200™).Trimble’s unique OverScan™
technology enables data capture up to 350 m (Trimble GS200).

On-board video technology provides real-time true-color acquisition,
panoramic snapshot capability for enhanced scene framing, and multiple
zoom factors for high-resolution image acquisition.

The GS Series’ accuracy and speed, along with flexible automatic or
user-definable scan parameters, can save up to 80% of time and labor
resources in many surveying applications, particularly when combined
with Trimble’s 3D data-editing office software. With the GS Series’ top
adaptor, experience Trimble’s Integrated Surveying solution, which
combines scanning, GPS, and optical total station data for exceptional
efficiency in the field and office.

Because it is compact and lightweight with fast set-up, the GS Series
is extremely maneuverable in the field. One-person operation is
possible, which saves labor costs even further.

The system is also WiFi-ready, and can be controlled by the Trimble
Recon™ controller running the Microsoft® Pocket PC operating system.
Run Trimble data collection software together with any other Pocket PC
applications designed to enhance your business.

The Trimble GS Series 3D Scanner is ideal for everyday use in a variety
of applications, so you can achieve return on your investment quickly.

Further ensure your rate of return with industry-leading on-board
intelligence. It offers enhanced data pre-processing, customizable
parameter setting, auto-focus management, and dynamic filtering. And
stay up-to-date on these and other functionalities with regular
high-level firmware upgrades.

Trimble Mensi GS200 Spatial Scanner


Instrument type Long-range
laser mapping system
Metrology method Time of
User interface Trimble
Recon, Notebook PC
Data interface Network
TCP/IP, Wireless WiFi (optional)
Addressability 700 m
(400 m)
Range using OverScan 2–350 m
(200 m)
Standard range 2–200 m
(100 m)
Scanning speed up to
5000 points per second
Range (m) 5 25 50 100 150 200
Typical values (mm) 1.4 1.4 1.4 2.5 3.6 6.5
Multishot yes:
user-definable number of shots per point
Minimum resolution 3 mm @
100 m (32 µrad)
Field of
Horizontal 360°
Vertical 60°
(angle included)
Laser type pulsed
Laser color green
Safety Class 2
(21 CFR §1041.10) / Class 3R (IEC 60825-1)
Laser beam diameter 3 mm @
50 m
Autofocus Yes
On-board video 768 ×
576 color resolution real-time video transmission
Video zoom factor up to
5.5 times
Video snapshot yes:
automatic picture mosaic 9 megapixels max. resolution
Point capture modes X Y Z
X Y Z, point orientation
X Y Z, returned intensity (8 bits – 256 grayscale)
X Y Z, RGB true color (8 bits per channel)
X Y Z, orientation, returned intensity, RGB true color
Geo-referencing yes:
using standard surveying tripod
Dimensions 340 mm D
× 270 mm W × 420 mm H including handles
Weight 13.6 kg
(29.9 lb)
Supply Unit
Dimensions 105 mm D
× 200 mm W × 65 mm H
Weight 1.5 kg
(3.3 lb)
Dimensions 645 mm D
× 490 mm W × 435 mm H (airline checkable)
Weight 12.8 kg
(28.2 lb)
Operating temperature 0 °C to
40 °C
Storage temperature –20 °C
to 50 °C
Sealing IP53
Shock 2M2 / M3
transportation standard compliant
Humidity non-condensing
Power supply AC 90 V
AC–240 V AC, 50 Hz–60 Hz DC 24 V, nominal

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